Franchise launches with 2D animation pilot series of 8x11 minute episodes, followed by 96x11 minute episodes for broadcast/streaming. 

• Target audience children aged 7+.

• Mash Crew is entertaining, humorous, imaginative, rooted in reality but with fantastical elements, emotionally poignant.

• Stories feature fast paced over-the-top comedy and affecting, meaningful outcomes that will appeal to target age range  and beyond.   

Pilot Episodes


Tommo’s Terrific Toy Exchange 

Tommo’s disastrously messy bedroom proves to be the starting point for his idea to launch Harbour Angel’s Toy Exchange. Children from all over the local area swap their toys for new ones. But just as things look like they are going well John, the smartest kid in Tommo’s class decides to ruin everything. He destroys the fantastic Toy Exchange with terrible toys. When things look at their worst for Tommo, the Mash Crew comes up with a redemption plan to save his idea.


Chitra's Clever Café of Dreams & Delights

Chitra’s family have an Indian Restaurant in Harbour Angel. Her passion for baking proves to be the entrepreneurial idea she is searching for. When given a box of spices by her grandmother she decides to try and create the very best most unique cakes With the help of the Mash Crew she  builds a Café of Dreams & Delights with all kinds of strange and wonderful flavoured treats inspired by her grandmothers’ spices and her Indian heritage. Disaster strikes when a leading chef comes to visit the town and Chitra has to bake for the mayor’s birthday. Hungry tourists and cash flow issues mean It’s up to Chitra’s imagination and her friends at Mash Crew HQ to save the day and save her Clever Café.

Roxy’s Rock ’n’ Pop Party 

Roxy has a secret. Her dad is a very famous 80’s punk pop star. She has recently moved to Harbour Angel and only has a handful of friends until she joins the Mash Crew gang. To help the town she enlists her dad’s help and some of his friends to have the biggest and most rocking pop party. With pop stars from all over the world offering their support to play at her party, tickets sell out fast and before she knows it the entire town is overrun with people desperate to come. It will take the Mash Crew to come together to help everyone at Harbour Angel safely enjoy Roxy’s Rock’n Pop Party!

Walter’s Wonderful Water Park

Walter loves the water. Thanks to an unfortunate event at school, where he accidentally wet himself, he is known as ‘Still Water’. This woefully awful incident is all it takes for Walter to launch his wonderful water park. Mash Crew and Walter design the ultimate water park! Children can swim with dolphins, ride on floats and slide all around the town on the Slide of Destiny! With the Summer temperatures rising, Harbour Angel quickly becomes the hot destination for children looking to have some fun and cool down. Unfortunately, the great British weather turns, and the water park is empty as the rain falls. Just as Walter’s idea looks like it’s coming to an end the rain saves the day and the water park re-opens to a tidal wave of success thanks to an inspirational idea and the support of the Mash Crew!


Sam’s Supersonic Space Race

Sam and his father live in the light house at Harbour Angel. Every night Sam and his father search the skies for shooting stars. Sam has always dreamt of following his hero Guy Buford – the first African American- into space.  He wants to be the first english black child to explore the stars and the universe itself. The only problem is that he is 10 years old and doesn't have a degree in cosmology! Mash Crew help him to build his magnificent rocket ship so that he can take his best friend Tommo and his father to visit the stars. When the Mayor discovers that Sam is planning on going to space the world rushes to watch the launch! The Mash Crew will have to learn about the mysterious skies above them in time for Sam’s Supersonic race to space.


Fergal & Freddie’s Fabulous Fun Factory

Fergal and Freddie are always getting into trouble. In fact, they actually like being known as the twins who can create fun from almost anything. When they are faced with losing their home thanks to the flood, they come up with an idea to save their parents shop and bring the fun back to Harbour Angel. The Bright Sparks Club team up to turn the twins’ fantasies into the world’s first fun factory. When Freddie accidentally sets off a firework almost destroying the entire town, the sparks rain down and Fergal and Freddie’s are forced to close. Can the Bright Spark’s Club re-ignite Fergal and Freddie’s fabulous fun factory?

Bella’s Beautiful Beachside Boutique

Bella loves making her own clothes. She can spend hours dressing her friends in her beachside fashions. Bella has always wanted to model her beachwear in a fashion show. When she joins the Bright Sparks Club, she sees her chance to create a fashion show like no other making Harbour Angel the most fashionable place in the world. Her new friends and her invent the ultimate beach show. People come from far and wide to walk the catwalk, have their faces painted in her brilliant beach hut and be dressed in her bold designs. Her secret to success is her environmentally safe clothing- until she runs out of the precious materials needed to make her fashion show the best idea so far. The Bright sparks will have to hunt high and low to put on the biggest and best show yet to save Bella’s Beautiful Beachside Boutique.

Henry’s House of Happy Screams

Henry the son of the local Reverend is struggling to come up with a great idea. All the other kids from the Bright Sparks Club seem to have come up with all kinds of fun things for the town. Whilst he's helping his Dad clean out the church basement he finds a large empty room which is the inspiration for his house of screams. The children from the Bright Sparks Club help him to build a series of rooms in the basement where all kinds of fun things can happen. One room is designed for the terrible singers in the town’s choir to practise, in another frustrated town’s people can have their fights and, in another mums, needing quiet time can sit and rest. Henry’s idea proves to be a real hit! Until the invisible enemy threatens to close the church basement rooms. It’s a race against the clock for the children of the Bright Sparks Club to save Henry’s House of Happy Screams.