"As an established children’s author, I have worked with children and schools for over 10 years working with them to develop children’s ideas and stories and to share with them mine. When meeting with school heads I was surprised to hear how hard it was to find materials and content that enlightened and inspired children into enterprise.

As a mother of twins aged seven, I am only too aware what a wonderful and formative age this is and a time when many children role play what they want to do when they grow up."

 Creator, Aby King 


Animation Team

Unanico Creative Content (www.unanico.com) is an internationally award- winning independent media company and animation studio based in Central London. Founded in 2009, with 14 years experience creating animated content. Latest Annie Award nominated pre-school animation series, “Buddi” (a Netflix Original, released in 2020 and watched in 190 countries). 4x BAFTA-nominated “Apple Tree House” for BBC/CBeebies. Other partners include Toei, Universal Music Group, Sony Music, Tomy, ABC Australia, CCTV, Tencent, Mango TV, and the rock band “Queen".


Jason Jameson - Developer, Designer, and Series Director of Mash Crew - Co-Founder and Creative Director of Unanico Studios. Trained at Royal College of Art and Central St Martin’s, Jason has over 15 year’s experience in concept and character development, design, screen-writing and animation direction. Jason created, wrote and directed Annie Award nominee “Buddi” and wrote and directed Unanico Studios’ award- winning animation short “One Night in Hell”. Jason also oversaw the animation direction of three seasons of 4x BAFTA-nominated “Apple Tree House” series.


Paul Laikin Producer, Mash Crew - Co-Founder and Managing Director of Unanico, Paul specializes in international film and TV co-production, and is also an award-winning producer and screenwriter of Annie Award nominee “Buddi”, “Apple Tree House” and “One Night in Hell”. A Writers Guild of America screenplay award nominee, Paul is co-writing and co-producing the ”Diableries” animation feature trilogy. An Oxford University graduate, Paul is passionate about communication, and speaks 7 languages.


Wolfe Alexander Productions 

Established in 2022, Wolfe Alexander Productions produces and creates Aby King's books, games, television and film content. Exclusively holding the IP rights to Mash Crew (The Bright Spark's Club), The Adventures of a Royal Dog Series (Lupo), The Independents, Worlds Changing and Here Comes the New Kid.